The Easter Bunnies are gathering !

The Easter Bunnies are gathering !

When Elaine was little, in nursery school, I had to break the news to her that there was no Easter Bunny !!  Shocking I know .. but we were travelling up to Zimbabwe for Easter and we couldn’t take Easter Eggs in the car – I just had nowhere to hide them and keep them cool at the same time – travelling up to Zim was a hot journey .. we didn’t have an air-con in car. 

She was devastated and cried and cried 🙁   Bad mommy !!   On the last day of school before we set off on our hot tiring journey, the Easter Bunny visited while they were playing on the other side of the school.  Easter Bunny footprints were evidence … they came over the wall, down the path, and left Easter Eggs for every child.  

Hm .. I was a little stumped!

Off we went on our trip leaving early hours of the morning and finally arriving in Harare, tired and weary, as the sun was going down.  My Mum and Dad’s driveway was long and as we approached the main gate to their house, the headlights of car picked up a white rabbit hopping across the road from my parents garden into the bush on the other side !!!!  Elaine shouted with glee  ..  “you see ….there IS an Easter Bunny !!! ”

.. and surprise surprise  .. there were Easter Eggs hidden in my Mum’s garden !!!!! 

Happy Easter to you and your loved ones x x x

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