Max and the Cat

Max and the Cat

Meet Max ….

… who snoozed in the late afternoon sun at the door of our room (stables converted into very comfortable rooms!)

.. and the cat … who snoozed with hubby after we arrived at Kuilfontein Stable Cottages

Time for a stroll around the farm before sitting down to a drink in the cosy pub.  The farm used to be a stud farm for thoroughbreds but now the main stables are used for horses in-transit

Cat and Max walked/bounded with us.  As we passed an area with large holes all over the place we spotted a large family of Meerkats, curiously sitting up on their hind legs watching us.  Too quick for me and the camera, they darted into the holes with Max speeding through an opening in the fence … the hunt began

… aha … they went down this one …

With lots of grrrrrr’s and frantic digging …

… deeper and deeper he went …

… “nope … but I know they’re in there … somewhere !!!”

Leaving Max behind scurrying from one hole to the next, we walk down the farm road …

Unusual puddles of water … this area has had three times it’s normal yearly rain in 3 months !!   So much so that the main entrance and little bridge closer to the main house were washed away.  The cattle trail was the only access to the farm …

And as the sun was setting over the Karoo, we had our little friends keeping us company …

while we watched the last rays of sun on a glorious day in this beautiful country of ours  🙂


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  1. It looks like a superb spot to stay overnight en route between Gauteng and the Cape. Those two does look like they are very at easy with whoever stays over, but I can imagine not everybody is as friendly with them as the two of you.

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