Our journey continues ..

Our journey continues ..

After our overnight stop in Aliwal North, hubby and I motored towards Port Alfred, our next destination, passing through the panoramic scenery of the Eastern Cape, bypassing Grahamstown, stopping for a light lunch in the quaint town of Bathurst, then on to the coastal town of Port Alfred.  A stopover in Grahamstown is a must next time as it’s where my Dad went to University.  

From the golden rolling hills, the road winds through the Nico Malan Pass (part of which I photographed through a dirty windscreen as there was no place safe to stop)  …   

.. to the old, steeped-in-1820-Settler-history town of Bathurst …

The Pig and Whistle was recommended by Firefly as the perfect stop for a bite to eat.  He was not wrong! 

Originally named The Inn, it was established in 1832 and is South Africa’s oldest licensed premises!   In other words, it’s had it’s liquor license continuously since 1832!!   My Dad and his buddies must have frequented there!!!!!  The pub itself is very dark and I only got a decent photo with light reflecting from the mirror – such history in there .. if only walls could talk ….

“The Inn’s name changed to The Pig n Whistle during WWII when the Royal Air Force was based at 43 Air school in Port Alfred.  It was, and is, the tradition that RAF’s local was called the Pig n Whistle and thus, to attract the RAF trade, a name change took place.”  Our Uncle Ken must have also been a frequent bar-stool-bum-warmer too!!  My cousin B would know .. he knows everything!!!!! 

As we approached the typically South African wrap-around verandah,  we bumped into a former work colleague of hubby’s who retired 3 years ago to Port Alfred – what a small world it is!!!!   Nice to chat to people who now live in the area!   I just loved the old verandah with galvanised tin roof brought back so many memories of when I was little and we, as a family visited friends on farms back in the old Rhodesia …  

Take a peek through the front door of the hotel …

Lovely old place, isn’t it?

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  1. Bathurst is a very interesting little town and the Pig and Whistle is a must stop if you are passing through. I’m glad you guys did stop there.

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