Harbour and Marina … and Sammy Seal !!

Harbour and Marina … and Sammy Seal !!

Port Alfred:   Hubby and I stayed at The Halyards Hotel  which overlooks the Marina on the one side, and the harbour on the other …   

It’s a harbour for small vessels .. leisure and fishing boats ..

The hotel frontage overlooks the Marina, with tranquil waterways edged with very smart housing, most of which are holiday homes …  

From our bedroom window …. spot the black blob on the wall/lawn across the water  …

…. it’s ‘Sammy’ Seal catching the early morning rays …

… then he woddled along the wall to the neighbour’s fence for his early morning scratch behind the ear – didn’t capture that unfortunately 🙁  …   the neighbour is the Waterway’s Controller and there was a huge ‘Keep Out’ notice on his jetty … Sammy respects that, obviously !!!

As the day ‘dragged’ on for Sammy, he rolled around scratching his back on the lawn ..

… then finally lay down and slept … and slept … and slept … … …  it’s winter, time to sleep … and sleep … and sleep …

“Sammy Seal will sail the sea when summer is the season
Sammy Seal will sail the sea and never need a reason
Sammy Seal will sail the sea in very sunny weather
Sammy Seal salutes the seagull as they sail together. ”  (to the tune of Yankee Doodle)

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  1. Sammy looks qui easy. People are probably used to him being there. The Halyards has a super location, but I have never stayed there. Only been inside.

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