Thin clothes .. fat clothes and the girl with turquoise hair

Thin clothes .. fat clothes and the girl with turquoise hair

This time last year I was wearing my ‘thin clothes’ and they were loose.  Now I’m wearing my ‘fat clothes’ and they are tight 🙁   I would rather have this problem than what I went through last year with months and months of high levels of anxiety when I had no appetite at all, dropped weight quickly, my skin was grey, my hair thinned a bit, I lost all confidence in myself etc … etc …

Now …  everything has turned around (with the help of anti-depressants of course!) and oh hum .. so the weight is piling on.  Going on our recent holiday with ‘eating-out’ food hasn’t helped and now winter is set in with shop aisles near tills groaning with choccies and yummy stuff !!!!   Oooh so tempting all the time .. and I’m not a child!!!!!  And to top it all, I have been banned from too much exercise because of my lower back.  Physio treatment and xrays have now revealed that one vertebra is slightly out of line which is probably the cause of the pressure on the sciatic nerve.  No way am I going to see a surgeon … between the physio and I, we will correct it – hopefully !!!!!!    Hence the added top up of weight 🙁  but how I miss my yoga 🙁 

Anyway … I went shopping yesterday for new pants/denims.  Bad idea .. nothing fitted after going from shop to shop.  Downhearted and feeling like a tubby bear,  I went and had a nice cappuccino to drown my sorrows

When I’m not in a hurry, I love to sit and watch people.   Yesterday there were three tables I focused on. 

The first was a table with two men – one ordinarily dressed and the other rather bright with a lovely shirt and pretty blue pullover.  Maybe they weren’t gay, I don’t know of course, but they looked it.  I love gay men, they’re so friendly and nice!!!!  Hubby and I have coffee frequently at a cafe run by a gay chappie – his partner runs the kitchen.  Nice chap .. always smiling, always chatty.   When their food arrived, they pushed aside their little laptop ‘thingie’, slid a finger over the screen, closed the lid by sliding another bit and then tucked it into a slip cover.  My word – I had not seen anything like that before, so neat and trim and so useful for sitting at a coffee shop !!   I told Jeanette about it when she came to fetch the boys – it was an iPad !!   Now you must understand, I am a granny in a world of small grandchildren who play x box or whatever and other stuff, and a granny who goes gyming and gardening – I am obviously falling behind the times!!  Anyway, it was such a neat little thing!!! 

(Male ostriches are so pretty!)   🙂  🙂

The next table had three young women – three ordinary looking girls except one had turquoise hair !!!  It looked like a feather duster – those you see at the end of a large stick being carried by those irritating chappies ringing the gate bell!   A beautiful colour blue right down to the roots.  They were obviously discussing it as she ruffled it every now’n’again making it look more and more like a feather duster!!!   Was it done as a dare or is she an actress or arty-farty person?  I will never know!  My thoughts went drifting off to my dear sister in law who is about lose all her hair from cancer treatment – a turquoise wig wouldn’t be too outrageous !!!  .. but rather stick to one you’ve got, Kathy 🙂  x x x

The third table had three older people (my kind of age!).  Two women, who I’ve seen at the coffee shop every single time I’ve had coffee there, and a gentleman, who was obviously a husband of one of the women.  Bored out of skull …. glancing to each woman in turn as they were chatting away.    Reminded me of a sign I saw at The Mill near Plettenberg Bay …

Couldn’t help but smile  🙂   … and off I went back into my world … grabbing essentials off the shelf, avoiding the choccies and yummy stuff and of picking up boys from school … lunch …  homework …. … …

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