A snippet from the Isle of Man …

A snippet from the Isle of Man …

…  where hubby went on business this past week.   Wouldn’t I have loved to have gone too !!!   I would have explored more !!  He didn’t have much spare time but managed to see some sights and take some photos – I will post more but we are having friends for dinner  … yummy lamb casserole bubbling away in slow cooker, a good bottle or two of red wine and for pud …. a large apple pie filled to the top with crunchy apples – I now add a few broken bits of pecan nuts to my apple pies!    There is a reason for the comfort food .. it’s freezing outside – definitely the coldest day of the year so far !!!    

The Laxey Mill where they weave the Manx tartan amongst others …   he bought me a table cloth and tea cosy in the Manx tartan …  a return trip would be nice  .. I would love one of those rugs !!!    The blue/green/yellow tartan is the Manx tartan

The Laxey Wheel .. the largest water wheel in the world ..

Horse drawn tram in the city of Douglas ….

Watch this space for more photos from this beautiful island !!!

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