Butterfly girl

Butterfly girl

Jeanette took Erin and Connor to a party on Sunday morning and Erin came back with the most beautifully painted butterfly face – Connor had had a tiger face but by the time we saw him he had rubbed it off 🙁   Because of the topsy turvy day, hubby and I went out for lunch with Carl, Nicole and Erin before going back to Jeanette’s house for birthday cake and tea

Grumpy butterfly .. 🙁   Erin didn’t want her photo taken …

A few tears and smudged wings …

“Please, just for Granny, please smile so I can see a happy butterfly … mommy and daddy are smiling … ”

… “sip milkshake first … ” 

… “let me just think about this …”

… “Grandpa’s making me smile .. ” 🙂 

“Oh what a funny Grandpa !! ”

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