Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect

I joined the group of mommies at Jeanette’s Moms with Cameras Workshop to learn how to use hubby’s camera – it’s a Canon 350D – not the biggest Cannon, but it’s a start for me!!  I’m so used to my Panasonic Lumix which takes great photos … on Auto … but I needed to learn how to use a DS~~~ or whatever it’s called 🙂    It was held at Amakoekoe Guest Lodge in Honeydew.  What a marvellous place – I drive past it weekly and would never have thought there was so much there to photograph!!!  Would have had a ball with my other camera but the whole point of the exercise was to use and learn about the Canon.    The gardens have little nooks and crannies with pottery objects hidden amongst the plants, water features, brightly coloured pottery tiles, mosaic emblem in the pool .. and many more !!!

But I was there to learn about the camera and how to take photos of the kiddies.  I have lots of practice to do now as I am a bit of a perfectionist and I like clarity in photos.  None of mine are as clear as I would have liked but I do like the effect of child/object in focus and background in a blur – just need to the child/object IN focus!!!

Our little models were adorable cutie pies !!!

On your tummy … the mommies need to get down even lower !!!! 

  Big sister against the horizontal lines …

I thought these were fairly good photos – except of course for the clarity of the subject/child until I saw the join in the corrugated iron wall – it’s in line with the top of her head! 

Oh hum … practice .. practice … practice !!!!

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  1. It will only improve your already good photography.
    Am loving the online photography course I’m doing and learning more…which is great…now to buy a reflector for outdoor photography!!!!!

  2. A couple of those mommies have some serious hardware. I wish I could have one fall off a truck somewhere and bounch my way… How I wish I could afford something like that.

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