The Wharf Street Brew Pub and Bistro

The Wharf Street Brew Pub and Bistro

Back to our recent holiday in the Cape !!  I’m still jumping around from one place to the next in my blog …. back to Port Alfred!  🙂 🙂   You never know what’s coming up next 🙂

Having not been to Port Alfred before, hubby and I had no idea where to have evening dinners.   The very helpful Budget-Rent-a-Car lady gave us a few suggestions but said her favourite place was Ocean Basket.  You can’t go wrong with an Ocean Basket – which we tried the first night.  Being out of season, we practically had the whole place to ourselves!!!  The next day on our walk on the beautiful East Beach which goes for miles and miles, we had a chat with two locals who suggested ‘Wharf Street’ – it was their favourite place to dine!   They suggested we should book a table as it was a popular restaurant.

Went later that day to find it and make our booking …  

Lovely old building overlooking the river with the brewery on the left … bistro on the right

I peeped into the brewery while hubby was making enquiries.  It turned out we didn’t need to make a booking as it was out of season and not that busy.   Such a pleasure holidaying, without the crowds and queues 🙂  

Hubby not only made our booking but I also found him chatting to the owner and tasting beers !!! 

They make 3 different types of beers and have them available on-tap …

Black and white prints of photographs from bygone days in and around Port Alfred hang on the walls …  I wonder if my great grandparents are in any of them …

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    1. Ooops sorry – food was excellent too!! The owner was trying different themes weekly .. starting with Portuguese, which is what we had, the following week was going to be Greek and so on. Hope it proved to be successful for her. She wanted to try something different in the off-season.
      Well worth a visit for beer and food!

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