Knysna Heads (Headlands)

Knysna Heads (Headlands)

On the morning I was on my own in Knysna, I took advantage of the blue skies and bright sunshine before the clouds and rain returned, and drove to the Eastern Head.  Parked at the sea level carpark to take photos then drove up to the top viewpoint where there is a spectacular view of Knysna, the Lagoon, Western Head with the Featherbed Nature Reserve and the vast blue Indian Ocean.  Hubby returned from Hermanus later that day when it was cloudy and greyish and we had to retrace my steps for him to see what I saw earlier !  Soooo .. some photos are sunny and bright and some are dull and grey 😉 

I have often seen seascape paintings of Knysna and thought the colours were exaggerated … I now see that they aren’t!   

 Looking back towards Leisure Isle and town beyond … 

The sailship Paquita carrying coal from Newcastle, England, ran aground in 1903 and the wreck lies under the sea close to the beacon.  When conditions are favourable, it’s apparently a popular diving spot

From the view point at the top of Eastern Head – car park below to the right and beacon on rocky outcrop …

Very strong currents wash through the Heads …

Featherbed Nature Reserve on the other side – we walked along the walkway on the rocks on the guided tour of the reserve …

I took these photos for the colour of the sea through the Heads – sea green I would call it!  Caves and beach – Featherbrook Nature Reserve

Between the Heads to the blue blue Indian Ocean …  I was standing with, and had a long chat with an Irish couple who were in awe of this magnificent sight    


Looking toward the left is Coney Glen way down below, with magnificent houses and stunning views on the cliff edge ….. beyond the housing is the well known Pezula Championship Golf Course ..

Similar view in the late dull grey afternoon …

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  1. The Knysna Heads is beautiful. Its amazing how similar our photos are (except I didn’t get the one of the gull). We must have been at exactly the same spots when we took our photos.

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