Creating a masterpiece !!!

Creating a masterpiece !!!

It was my hubby’s birthday on Monday 🙂    I picked up the boys from school … dashed home to bake a cake for afternoon tea.  It was hubby’s birthday after all .. a cake was needed !!!

“Can I put the sprinkles on?” Connor says as I’m mixing it together.  
“Do you think we need sprinkles on Papa’s cake?”  I say
“Yes .. of course, we do .. it’s his birthday cake !! ”

Soooo … icing first, while Connor waited patiently/impatiently with ‘sprinkles in hand/fingers …..  at last ….  the art of sprinkling ‘sprinkles’ began …

Bradley came into the kitchen to see Connor’s decorating techniques …

… and helped with the finishing touches … the candles !!

Finished !!!   Great team effort !!! 

Perfection !!!!! 

Big Birthday hugs for their Papa  !!!

One … two … three …  … bloooowww  !!  

(Had to add that one even though it’s blurry .. there was a cloud of smoke from candles as well as a shake of hand!)

Happy Birthday darling Hubby !!!  Love you lots and lots x x x

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