Chasing rainbows

Chasing rainbows

It’s just the way it is

A flying visit to the Cape has left me a little sad.   But there is hope .. heaps of hope

We were there, in Somerset West at the end of May, on the last bit of our wonderful three week holiday down the Garden Route (still have loads of photos to share 🙂  )   My sister in law, Kathy, had just had a single mastectomy and was about to start the long journey of chemo, radiation etc .. all the stuff that goes with cancer.

This weekend she had ‘done and dusted’ her third chemo a week prior … half way .. three to go .. before the next step in the journey.  She looked pale and tired on our arrival but still the same jovial, wonderful and beautiful person that she is.  She is the same on the inside .. in her heart … that can never change. 

The following day, I spent the day with Kathy and my younger brother – not even popping in to see our Mum, but she would have understood.  Kathy perked up .. maybe it was the healthy delicious juice Ian had prepared for all of us in the morning (he makes fresh fruit juice every morning) with added beetroot .. puts colour in the cheeks and a twinkle in the eye 🙂  !!!!!!

My hubby spent that day with his sister and brother in law, saying their final goodbyes to their Mum and scattering her ashes.

The three of us had a lovely day … sat and had a leisurely cup of coffee and deliciously light and scrumptious croissants at Mila’s in Stellenbosch.  The wind picked up while we were there and we had visions of Kathy’s wig flying off and tumbling down the road to the astonished looks of the younger people at the table next to us 🙂 🙂 🙂 

We then went for a slow stroll along a few streets in this very picturesque town, filled with history and old historic buildings.  Our paternal grandfather grew up and attended school there.  Years ago I took photos of the house (we think) he lived in and the dairy he used to frequent to collect their pails of milk … but that’s another story …. ….

On the way back home we stopped for tea at ‘In the Vineyard’.   What a lovely place with a stunning view – too windy to sit outside though!  The wind was blowing a gale!!!!

Our special evening followed (will do a separate post in this)  a 6 course dinner with wine pairing at Rust en Vrede.  Wow – it was an amazing experience !!!  Kathy was unfortunately too tired to be with us – next time – but my niece joined us instead.  What an evening .. food, wine and service were tops !!!

I think Kathy did too much on Saturday and was tired and pale next day.   But she was wearing her red scarf … a bold colour for bold days!!!   I took her two silk scarves – a pale lilac one for soft, feeling pretty, calm days and a red one for bold, get-up-and-go days!!!!  She was wearing the red one 🙂 

More beetroot, Ian … always add the beetroot 🙂  !! 

My Mum … big sigh here … I didn’t think it was possible for her to get worse but she has.  Oh my .. another big sigh  🙁   Hubby and I visited on our arrival on Friday and then again before we departed on Sunday.  I said my goodbyes … again … 

I explained what she is like and how she is, to my physio yesterday, who said she is normal for what she has gone through .. all the strokes she has had – big ones and little ones .. it’s the way it is …      She now can’t focus with her eyes.  I don’t know whether she knew I was there.  She didn’t see me.  I’m hoping she heard or felt me there.

And the sadness continues … we heard over the weekend, while in Somerset West, that my other sister in law … my eldest brother’s wife, also has cancer 🙁   She’s had a tumour removed as well as part of her intestine.  It’s confirmed, she has bowel cancer.  They live in England .. far away

I couldn’t cry while I was there .. I am crying now

It’s just the way it is

Healing thoughts and prayers are with my whole family …  we have hope … we have strength  .. we have cake 🙂 

5 Replies to “Chasing rainbows”

  1. Love your blog. I love having you here and you certainly were my tonic for the weekend!!! I was rather nervous of you coming as I have ‘changed’ on the outside, pale, bald and slow!!!!!! but you certainly put life into me. Thank you so much. I love, love love my scarves xxxxxx

  2. A huge virtual hug for you. Such a tough time for the family. My gran went like that – many strokes and totally left us bit by bit as her brain shut down. So sad to see. But so great to see the hope in Kathy and her words above.

  3. Oh my Avril – I wonder when it will ever end. I have so many friends suffering with that dreadful disease, and just this morning heard of another dear friend diagnosed yesterday with breast cancer. I am too terrified to do any checks or go to the Dr – and I KNOW how wrong that it, but I am petrified! It has become the norm! So sorry about your Mum too. It’s so hard to see them ill, but take comfort in the fact that she is probably unaware of what is happening with her, although I am certain she knew you were there!

  4. I don’t really know how to comment today. A friend of mine whom I have known since we were 5 years old died suddenly of brain cancer about two weeks ago. He didn’t even know he had it. No chance for goodbyes. I know it doesn’t mean much, just wanted to say.

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