Safety first

Safety first

There have been, sadly, a couple of fires breaking out at Old Aged Homes and Care Centres leaving quite a few injuries and deaths as well as, of course, tremendous damage and destruction to buildings.   A fire ripping through any building housing sleeping people is bad enough, but when they are elderly and infirm or disabled in any way, it’s really tragic.  Unimaginable!

Visiting my Mum recently, we walked passed the lounge of the Home where there was a talk and demonstration on fire emergency procedures to residents and staff.   I’m sure they’ve had them before and on a regular basis but I am also sure as residents’ rooms become vacant, new residents move in and require instructions on emergency procedures.  I am also sure some residents forget the procedures and need them repeated on a regular basis !

 Not sure how heavy the fire extinguishers are, but hopefully they will be able to pick them up if needed.   The lady demonstrating the extinguishers was very clear with her instructions on how it’s held and where to aim the nozzle … “to the source of the fire and not at Mrs ‘Jones’ ” pointing to an elderly lady’s head 🙂 

I hope and pray it’s never needed at Silver Oaks Old Aged Home or any other care centre

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  1. Those two incedents were absolutely shocking, I agree. I’m glad to see that at least some of the old age homes are informing residents what to do in case of a fire.

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