Dinner for one

Dinner for one

Monday nights are normally ‘mommy’s night’ (I call it) when Elaine and Bryan join his parents and family to their weekly dinner/family evening.  His parents are doing a revamp to their home so E and B prepared to have dinner at their apartment.  Long story … as the one daughter has just moved into her new apartment, it was decided to move the dinner there.   I joined in this follow-my-leader dinner!   Elaine and Bryan still prepared the meal in it’s entirety and was taken in containers and bags to his sister’s where the cooking process continued.  We all had a lovely evening with the most delicious meal – well done you two!!!  They made individual ‘Beef and Beer’ pies in ramekins .. lots of them .. with veggies etc, plus a soft a fluffy orange fluff for pud’ (my Mum’s recipe – and as I savoured the fluffiness and flavour, it took me right back to my childhood .. we had it often!)  

Anyway, getting back to this story .. there were left-over pies … I had two of them for my ‘Dinner for One’ tonight …

Hubby is only coming back home on Friday hence the lonely meal …

Mmmm mmm … thanks Sweetie Pie and Bryan .. your little pies were a winner !!!!

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  1. Avril I did get a new camera…it is a Canon Rebel T2i..hubby bought it for me for our anniversary….I love it..still learning new things about it…I’m planning on taking a class to learn more….have a great week

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