Happy Birthday Sweetie pie

Happy Birthday Sweetie pie

‘Tis Elaine’s birthday today … 25 years old!  Can hardly believe how time has flown … 

Her christening with both sets of grandparents – hubby’s on left and mine on right (a very windy day!!!) 

She was destined to go far …  she loved books …

… and pencils !!!!  …

I love this photo with my Dad …

My Mum is now the only surviving grandparent .. wish I could tell her … so much ….

A prezzie awaits ….

Happy Birthday Sweetie pie .. we love you lots … and lots … and lots ….

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  1. My sister’s birthday is on 11 August as well. Happt birthday Elaine. The memories in the photos are truly priceless.
    Ps, your hubby looks so different from back in the days.

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