Celebrating a birthday

Celebrating a birthday

Elaine’s closest friend, Robyn, came for tea and brought a prezzie on Thursday.  We took Elaine and Bryan out for dinner to Wombles.  Saturday was celebrating with friends and family (those who were in town) for a champagne breakfast at the Canteen at Arts on Main which is not in the best part of Jo’burg central … let’s start at the beginning …

…at home …

Cool !!  – cookbook by Marion (from Masterchief Australia) – we are avid viewers of the programme which is coming up to the finals next week 


Then it was dinner at Wombles …

Bryan had Steak Tartare which was mixed with all the ingredients at the table – interesting!!!   He said it was delicious and full of flavour!!  Not my ‘cup of tea’ being finely chopped raw fillet …   As you can see, we all had large yummy comfort foods – it’s winter!!! Hubby had fillet on the bone which was ever so tender and delectable – Elaine had scrumptious lamb shank with mash – I had Norwegian salmon, perfectly cooked!  All mains are served with fresh garden veg

A good .. very good … extremely good red wine goes well with ‘yummy comfort foods’ …

Dessert – you cannot go wrong with the best creme brulee in town!!!  Elaine’s came complete with sparkler brought by our very friendly and attentive waiter (they all are at Wombles) and singing his own rendition of “Happy Birthday”  !!!   He did apologise though, as usually a group of waiters would sing their wishes – as they do in most restaurants – but he said all his fellow waiters were all busy with their own full tables of diners.  Elaine didn’t mind at all .. this was special to have her own serenade 

No time to add today’s celebration — need to cook supper and a make a birthday cake for Elaine, who is coming for tea tomorrow afternoon !!!   You can’t have a birthday without a birthday cake !!!

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