Meditation and yoga for kiddies

Meditation and yoga for kiddies

I have found … or should I rather say … it found me, a delightful book ‘Creepy Crawly Caterpillar’  –  a charming story with beautiful illustrations which has featured at the back, notes for kiddies’ breathing, meditation and affirmations.   ‘Meditation for Kids’ CD comes separate.  I bought both!   The CD is wonderfully soothing, calming and uses visual relaxation  suited to kiddies  …. but you don’t have to be kiddie to listen to it 🙂   I am dying to try it out on the grandchildren 🙂 🙂  

I went back to a yoga class yesterday for the first time in a couple of months … a little stiff .. no .. a lot stiff … but I enjoyed it none the less!  After the class Tamar showed us her newly published book which is only available direct through her website –     She had a few copies, so I jumped to the opportunity of getting both book and CD there and then …

At the back of the book there are yoga postures based on the characters of the book …

… and affirmations, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques …

Having listened to the CD while doing this post .. I am calm … I am relaxed … I am balanced …  I am strong … I am whole … I am me  !!!!

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  1. I should get a copy too!!!! I need to learn to focus again. Not going to yoga now, I forget all the calming thoughts yoga teaches. So glad you are able to go back to yoga. Love you xxx

    1. Listening to the first track – Rainbow – I thought of you 🙂 I’ll get you a CD (you don’t have to be a kiddie to listen to it !!! ) The narrator speaks simply and clearly and visualisation is so easy 🙂

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