Bags of flour

Bags of flour

As soon as I saw the bags of flour under the table which was filled with freshly baked breads at Vovo telo in Parkhurst, when Jeanette and I shared a lovely, and special, morning coffee together, it reminded me of a book we have at home!! 

I could imagine the two naughty kitties clambering all over the ‘sacks’ and clouds of flour filling the cafe/restaurant !!! 

The book was a gift to Jeanette, when she was about two,  from my granny/Jeanette’s great-granny, Granny Keay, as she was affectionally known (!)   Very well read .. as you can see  

…. the words are well imprinted in my memory !!!!    I have read it to children over and over … and over again !!! 

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  1. Wonderful memories. Do you know that Vovo Tello is a PE coffee shop / bakery that has expanded your way. So good to know the Jhb folk like it.

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