More pics from iPhoneography exhibit

More pics from iPhoneography exhibit

I don’t have an iPhone but there were lots here … at this exhibit of iPhone pics displayed at the Apple ‘shop’ in Sandton last week!!!  Many visitors were taking pics with their iPhones .. I just had my ordinary camera to capture the event through my eyes –  a very proud mom seeing her very talented daughter’s photos being diplayed on a gallery wall!!!! 

Hubby and Carl standing next to Jeanette’s two canvases – the railway tracks and the train

I loved the bright flowery light fitting hanging from the ceiling ..

A proud dad admiring his daughter’s canvas of downtown Joburg …

While we waited for Jeanette and family to arrive, hubby and Carl did a little dream building with all the latest Apple computers … it all boggles my mind !!! 

But … I found the iPad fascinating … absolutely fascinating !!!!    I’ve never seen one before .. it was really cooool !!!!    Yes .. I am technically challenged  🙂   🙂   🙂    I’ll try the recipe for chocolate chip cookies .. that’s more my league !! 🙂 

Bradley looking at his mommy’s instagram pic …

Future geeks ? !!! 🙂   What sort of gadgets and gizmo’s will they have when they grow up ? !!

Have no idea what hubby was describing 🙂  

We thoroughly enjoyed the event … looking forward to the next one !!  – I am still having difficulty linking to other blogs by highlighting on name only, so here is Jeanette’s website if you would like to have a peek !!    A must, actually – she does take brilliant photos … does our-very-talented-daughter!!!

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  1. I’m de-lurking. 🙂 I love reading ur posts about how proud u are of ur fabulous daughter… U have a very special family!

  2. I don’t have an IPhone either so don’t know about instagrams and such. I has an IPad once. Had to wear it over my left eye for two days before I could take it off.

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