Teeny tiny .. ruffled and white ..

Teeny tiny .. ruffled and white ..

… those are the little roses clustered on arching branches of the white Banksia rose …



Have been playing with the 50mm lens again!!   My garden is bursting with spring/summer flowers  … so forgive me for taking more flower pics !!  🙂  

Must still do more posts on our Garden Route trip …!!   🙂  Still to come .. out and about in Hermanus, penquin colony, ostriches, Cango Caves, Featherbed Nature Reserve etc .. etc .. !!!    


5 Replies to “Teeny tiny .. ruffled and white ..”

  1. You are like me. I take tons of photos when on a trip and have lots to post. Then suddenly you have to interrupt your posts to post something new. The little flowers look amazing. My garden is a bit bare this year. I need to get into it and get in into shape.

  2. I LOVE Banksia Roses and i have a HUGE yellow bush! They were my Grandma’s favourite too! I get quite sad when the flowers fall off (leaving a HUGE mess! 🙂 ) Firefly, my garden is bare too – I MUST go to the nursey this week-end!

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