I have a row of lavender

I have a row of lavender

It’s in my back garden where I look out onto from my kitchen window.  Each bush is full of new flowers, buds really I suppose you’d call them, as they haven’t burst into those minute florets of lavender blues ..  and every evening they bend their heads towards the South …

They are the ‘Margaret Roberts’ variety of lavender – I battle with them towards the end of summer when they’re riddled with rust.  After cutting them down in winter, new growth appears lush and fresh and then the cycle of rust begins again as mid summer and the heavy rains come  

Spraying doesn’t really help 🙁   I have threatened to replace them with something else, like roses, or maybe something indigenous but they are so pretty

I have actually replaced them – two years ago.  Pulled out the old rusty row and planted a new row.  I suppose I should have done it all correctly, like treating the soil for instance   

I think my problem lies in the lay of the land.  Our property is on slightly sloping ground … front to back … and when the rains come all the water runs towards the back .. towards this flower bed which is against the back wall

Anyway … this lavender is here for the summer – rust or not !! 

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