I need to do something about it

I need to do something about it

I can’t sit back any longer.  I am going to the SPCA today to take the boxes of books for their book sales and to tell them about my neighbour and the way they are treating ‘their’ dogs.

Long story made short … neighbour has left the country leaving his two very large dogs with the tenants, who were originally lodgers.  They’ve taken over the house and all that’s in it including these two very large dogs.  Since the neighbour left, these two very large dogs have been kept in the back garden without having the run of the entire garden which is what they were used to.

The area in which they are kept is about the size of the outside vergespavements but less in length because part of the house takes up some of the space.   I cannot see round the corner (when I peer through the crack in the wall!) to see whether they have food or water, or even shelter.  There are bushes but that’s not shelter enough for when it rains.   I can see (through my crack in the wall!) a gate which is latched permanently and the wall against which the gate is attached is very scratched with claw marks.

My neighbour across the road was told by this neighbour recently that the dogs are kept at the back because they run out of the main gate but they are put inside at night.  I’m not sure about this fact as once or twice I have heard them bark at the latched gate quite late at night.  (Our bedroom window is close by).  I haven’t spoken to them as I don’t know how to approach the subject.  They are rather odd though as the outside verge is looking lovely – well watered and tendered but the inside garden is a complete contrast – not watered and looking rather unkempt.  The pool’s level is low and pea green.  There’s something ‘fishy’ going on there !!!!!!!   

We’ve had odd neighbours over the years … the house behind was a brothel for a few years !!!!!   We asked them once, very kindly, to turn their music down, as it was reverberating through our house and we were told in no uncertain terms to “mind your own business – it’s private property – I can do as I like”  was the reply.

My heart breaks for these two beautiful dogs as they should not be treated this way.  When it rained last weekend the long haired one was wet, matted and muddy.  The other is looking rather thin (but I don’t know what it looked like before – I can’t compare)

I have been sharing Jackie’s doggie chunks with them (in cover of darkness when I can sneak a cupful over the wall!)  and I hear them munching quietly.  

But this has gone on for too long now … this is now the 5th week!!!   I need to do something about it.   I don’t want to cause a neighbourly conflict and have all sorts of things being thrown over the wall, loud music at all hours of the night and day with volume up on purpose .. etc … so I need some advice from the SPCA. 

What would a post be without a photo  !!!  … here’s our beautiful Robbie who went to doggie heaven nearly a year ago .. gone but never forgotten

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