Connor was Jack

Connor was Jack


175 singing littlies on a stage in beautiful costumes …

… one of them was Connor …

… he was Jack  (of Jack and Jill fame!)

Hubby witnessed the affection all the little girls have for Connor !!!   

It was a fabulous show, “Goldilocks in Nursery Rhyme Land”, with all the littlies playing characters from nursery rhymes, singing and doing all their actions 

One of the dad’s with an interesting tattoo ! 

Adding this one at the end as it doesn’t fit into the sequence of the ‘story’ !!   I’m not happy with the quality of the photos … should have taken the Canon with me 🙁 


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  1. School conserts are always wonderful occasions although lots of hard work goes into them. My kids just had their school consert and the whole school took part. They didn’t allow cameras in though cause they appointed somebody to take pics and a video which they are obviously selling. I was not happy to say the least.

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