A bunch of roses – Sunday Selections

A bunch of roses – Sunday Selections

I can never resist admiring the beauty of a rose .. be it walking through a plant nursery, past a florist  …. or into Woolies!!!  They have them, and other fresh flowers, at the main door or at the entrance to the supermarket area … tempting for grown-ups, just as the sweets and chocs are tempting at the tills for littlies!!!!!   I however bought these at the florist next to Woolies as there were more in the bunch and were cheaper !  (I used the two cameras as I’ve done before!!!) 🙂

I haven’t participated in Kim’s Sunday Selections for a while … so here’s my contribution!  Click on the link and see more 🙂

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  1. I adore roses. Thank you Avril. My grandfather used to grow me rose bushes every year. Each year they would get eaten by the wallabies or the possums and each year Pop would start me off new plants. Pop died in 2008 aged 80 and the day of his funeral I found half a dozen rose plants behind his potting shed with my name on them. I have protected these roses and they are growing well.

  2. The are so beautiful 🙂 I love roses and luckily we have some rose bushes growing out the front of our house and the roses have survived my gardening black thumb 🙂

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