Will my story become urban legend ?

Will my story become urban legend ?

I was in yoga class this morning and apart from the meditative music playing and the voice of our teacher directing us through the asanas, the roof started to creak.   I still don’t know all the sanskrit words after all the years of doing yoga … I need a little ‘directing’!!!   I always find a spot at the front or near to the front as possible in order to take off my glasses – quick glances in the direction of the teacher whilst in twisted poses is difficult when glasses slip down the nose!!!   No mirrors and everyone else behind me, I can stay focused.

Sometimes I do find it difficult as she (the teacher) likes to chat briefly in-between asanas – not all the time but several times during the class.  It breaks the focus.  I am finding I am not getting the same benefit as with my previous teacher with mind, body and soul working as one.  Anyway that’s another story …

The roof creaked .. loudly!!!  It had been cool and cloudy when suddenly the clouds cleared and the sun beat down on the roof .. hence the loud creaking !

Teacher stopped and said that the creaking roof reminded her of an incident she had heard about which took place in the Roodeport Virgin Active.   “It was in a pilates class”, she said, having been told of the incident, “and a board from the ceiling came crashing down and missed a lady by soooo much (pointing her forefingers upward and about 5cm apart) and there was dust and mess everywhere”, she said !!!   “I’ll never forget it,” she said … and now always checks the ceiling in that room for any wonky boards!

As do I … it was me … I was the ‘lady’ !!!!   I told her my story !


If it’s remembered now – 19 months later – by an instructor who wasn’t even there at the time, I wonder how many more people heard about it.   I wonder if the story will be exaggerated as time passes!   You know how stories never stay the same !!! 🙂


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