Mainly yellow

Mainly yellow

Jeanette’s macro photos of some of my roses are pure magical!!!     Delicate and soft, like the finest of silks as it floats and folds 🙂    

As it happened, I had been taking photos before she arrived to fetch the boys – we must have the same thoughts as she arrived with camera in hand and wanted a few photos of my flowers ! 🙂  

The only yellow rose bush in my garden – ‘Germiston Gold’ – is hubby’s favourite but I can never stop humming ‘The Yellow Rose of Texas’ whenever I see the blooms !!! 🙂  

The ‘Sharifa’ is one of my favourites – known to me as ‘Daddy’s Rose’.   One bloom is open showing it’s soft curling petals with it’s perfume wafting into the air and the rest of the bush is full of buds .. more than ever before.  Maybe my Dad is calling my Mum …

‘My Granny’ doesn’t do too well in it’s pot towards the end of the season, but in the beginning it lovely …   (maybe that’s also a sign .. you can’t keep a good granny down!!:)  – we need our feet firmly rooted in the open ground – not confined to a pot – and with arms stretched out wide to embrace the beauty of the world around us  🙂  !!! )

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  1. These are all stunning. I have a very tired (I say tired cause I pulled it out somewhere and wanted to throw it away but decided to stick it in the ground just in case) rose standing behind my garage that has two buds and will hopefully give me something to go and photograph soon.

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