Skywatch Friday :

Skywatch Friday :

Hermanus – Western Cape – in May, 2011 

Jeanette and I are going down to the Cape for the weekend.  Jeanette is going to take photos of my SIL who has been just given the all clear from the oncologist !!!  Absolutely fantastic news!!! 🙂   She still has a year’s treatment to go through, so the long journey is not over yet .. but things are looking good 🙂 

We will be spending a little time in Hermanus visiting hubby’s sister and her hubby, and I will pop in to see my Mum whilst in Somerset West.  I hope she will recognise me this time.    Hopefully, too, the weather will hold and not be chilly and rainy .. but blue skies and sunny as in my Skywatch photo I took in May earlier this year

This post is two-fold  … a photo for Skywatch (because we will be going to Hermanus for a bit and it seems appropriate)  …. and to let you all know, my bloggy friends, that I will not be posting over the weekend as I won’t be here!    🙂 🙂

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  1. It has been very windy here in Ohio yesterday and today. It is also very wet and cold. The leaves are falling. The sky is a dark winter gray color. I can’t seem to stay warm.

    I enjoyed my visit to your blog.

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