A part of Kathy’s journey of courage and hope … and survival

A part of Kathy’s journey of courage and hope … and survival

Kathy – my sister in law – a breast cancer fighter and survivor …

Jeanette and I went together ..  just the two of us … the first time ever that the two of us have been away together .. (very special 🙂 )to the Cape for the purpose of taking photos of Kathy to document her difficult journey of courage and hope .. and survival.    

I’m not going to repeat the story because Jeanette and Kathy have told the story on Jeanette’s blogs – a must read!!      … but to add that it was amazing and a privilege to be there.    My post is mainly of photos I took while there, standing in the background!  

We had quite an emotional weekend … tears and laughter … family, wine, yummy food, beautiful scenery that you only get in the Cape, traipsing through vineyards in a freezing wind and drippy sky.  After driving to Hermanus to spend a little time and having the most delicious lunch with hubby’s sister and her hubby,  we met up with my cousin, her hubby and my aunt, and not forgetting little Lucy their Jack Russell, at the Da Capo Vineyards which he managers, at the foothills of the Helderberg Mountains .. the view from there is spectacular !!!  Would be lovely on a clear sunny day 

New growth, new grapes … another award winning vineyard like 2010? !!   Idiom Wines are from the grapes of the property – this field yields grapes to make Sangiovese wine – we had a bottle at our ‘extreme’ picnic’ after the photo shoot, which was great fun .. freezing cold, light rain, the best wine, delicious cheeses and breads and other nibblies

Ian, my youngest brother, watching patiently and lovingly!  Jeanette was taking photos of Kathy in the long grass.  They have a special bond these two .. very special

Had to get a photo of this ’40’  … it’s our 40th Wedding Anniversary coming up in December !!!   ….  a-n-d hubby and I are flying back down to Cape Town on Saturday to attend the 40th Anniversary of the first Cap Classique wine at Simonsig – the prize I won awhile ago!!!  We are one of 4 couples to be lucky winners!!  


And of course, I have to include little Lucy all cuddled up, out of the freezing cold wind, in the arms of Tim ..  

A lovely day, despite the weather!   Kathy was so determined that this disease wouldn’t take over and it didn’t.  It’s because of that determination, her courage and her fighting spirit … and her laughter 🙂   Kathy, love you lots and sending you more beautiful rainbows mwah xxxxxx

Next stop, Tokara for breakfast the next morning, wine tasting at Uva Mira, and a few more photos in front of ‘the door’ (when Jeanette saw the door, she just HAD to take photos there too!! )  We also had a quick visit to my Mum at the home – unfortunately we went after the wine tasting .. should have gone before … wine makes me too emotional!  Seeing my Mum in the bed all curled up, clutching my hand but not seeing and speaking, made the tears flow 🙁   Will pop in again to see her this weekend .. before wine!

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