Lunch in a cellar

Lunch in a cellar

We were at Rust en Vrede – previous post – to do a spot of wine tasting and lunch with Ian and Kathy  (my brother and SIL)   Over weekends they often hop on the bike and enjoy the open road and magnificent scenery, stopping off for brekkies, lunch or just cappuccinos.  This day was no exception, and joined us for lunch as they were in the area  

Our plan was to sit under the huge oak trees but light rain forced us to retreat into the cellars .. rather chilly down there but a great experience

For larger groups, patrons sit at this beautiful table  ..

Only one meal is served in the cellar .. a succulent, flavoursome, ever-so tender and cooked to perfection beef sirloin served with chips and a salad !  that’s it !    But absolutely worth it !

The wine tasting is more comprehensive .. an absolute must at Rust en Vrede !!! 

Time to depart ways … Ian and Kathy donned on their riding gear …

   … and off they rode ..

We are having computer problems at the moment … let’s hope I can continue blogging and reading blogs, but if I disappear for a while .. I’ll be back when all is fixed !

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