My tree is dying

My tree is dying

I am very sad 🙁  

My favourite tree …. a beautiful Silver Birch which I planted lovingly many years ago … and I planted it in just the right spot!   

The right spot for lovely summer dappled shade on the lawn, which we have sat under, eaten long lazy summer lunches

The right spot for, in the winter when he’s bare, the sun streams through the lounge windows

My wise old man is sad 

.. his branches are bare .. where they should be full of leaves 🙁

So .. I am reluctantly going to have to chop him down and I have been, reluctantly, looking for a replacement tree .. for I have to have one.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to plant it in the exact perfect spot but I will try and plant one as close as poss!

But do I plant another Silver Birch .. or do I plant an indigenous Dais cotiniflolia(pompom tree) or a flowering cherry?    Would love a flowering cherry (we had one when I was growing up) but do I go the indigenous route?   I know the answer .. but I do love a flowering cherry !!!!


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  1. So sorry. I have two big palms I am very fond of but the cost to have them trimmed every year is too much for me to afford, so I am in the process of finding somebody to buy them and come and take them out. Will be sad, but it gives me a chance to do something else where they are. Perhaps plant something indigenous as well.

    1. Thanks for the tip !! I always have one problem with indigenous trees – the tend to be messy, dropping odd leaves continuously – ok for most places but this is close to the pool – an ‘all in one’ leaf drop is the answer as it’s swept up and cleared waiting for the next season. I will go and have a look at the one you suggest – thanks. My thoughts are now a Pride of India – I have one but it’s rather hidden – never been a problem over the years.

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