Skywatch Friday : Red Bishop against a blue sky

Skywatch Friday : Red Bishop against a blue sky


This is my Skywatch post – please visit others for more spectacular skies around the world:   Adding to my post as follows :-

I have started taking Jackie (our Jack Russell) for regular walks, in the early morning, around the neighbourhood, particularly along the greenbelt which extends quite far following a meandering stream/river, which has reeds and pampas grasses growing alongside it.    A haven for Red Bishops and other little birds.  I took my small camera with me today (Thursday) mainly to take a photograph of a really nasty dog which seems to appear from nowhere, silently creeping up behind anyone walking on the road!!  He’s very scary!!  Looks like a Hyena!!!   Fortunately he doesn’t like the large stick I carry, especially when I hit it on the ground.  Jackie is petrified of him too, and sticks close to me as we pass by.    BUT today, he didn’t come out to ‘play’ .. so no photo of him 🙁   Would love to know what kind of dog he is – next time maybe  

Sooo … as I had a camera with me I had to use it, of course  !!!  

Jackie .. ready and waiting ….     

After walking along the road for a bit, we make our way to the greenbelt where she runs freely, leaping over the stream …

A team of guys (paid for by us in the community) keep the grass regularly cut …  

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  1. Its fantastic to have a green belt so close to home. Pity municipalities don’t always look after such places. I was just watching the red bishops in Addo a couple of days ago.

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