He makes me smile .. this child!

He makes me smile .. this child!

Firstly, yesterday afternoon the boys were playing, peacefully, on the floor with Bakugans then as usual, an argument started, as boys do, ending up in one hurting the other, as boys do!!   Bradley ending in tears and Connor disappearing, knowing he was going to get into trouble!!   Bradley calmed down, and the hunt was on for Connor!! 

Child found .. between the outbuilding and the boundary wall .. a good hiding place!!  
“how did you find me, Granny ? ”  
“.. I wasn’t even breathing!!”  
How can you not smile? !  .. to yourself of course .. a Granny has to show a cross face and tell him how wrong he was and must apologise this instance! 

Yesterday we had a cloudburst !!  It seemed to come from nowhere .. the sky darkened rapidly and the wind swirled.  I ran outside to get the washing off the line, Jackie at my heels and Connor following until he reached the back door.

Managed to grab one item off the line when there was a flash, a sharp crackle and ear splitting crack of thunder!  I ducked (which wouldn’t be of any help!) and ran inside.  Jackie disappeared and Connor’s eyes were as wide as saucers!!!   Waited for a minute or so and then dashed out to get the rest of the washing, telling Connor to pray that I don’t get struck by lightening.  Washing basket full, I ran inside to find Connor with his hands squished together in prayer and eyes screwed up tightly – precious child!!    We said our sincere thanks to God and Jesus and then the heavens opened sending down heaps of hail and heavy rain to follow …

“It’s cold !! ” …

“It’s freeeeezing !” 

Jeanette arrived just then …  Bradley was next in the photography line!!! 

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