Wordless Wednesday : Thro’ the butcher’s window

Wordless Wednesday : Thro’ the butcher’s window

Kilkenny, Ireland .. October 2009 .. I wonder what it costs today, in 2011

Not wordless .. the price of meat, particularly lamb is exorbitant, here where we live, in Johannesburg.   It does, of course, depend where you buy.  I usually buy my meat at Woolies .. good quality, price sometimes higher, but it’s convenient shopping for me.  Lamb chops are one of our favourites, but Woolies prices are getting ridiculous (can’t remember off hand how much it is per kilo – R135 or R139 – and for a pack of 6, it costs nearly R100!!)   I have shopped around and you can get cheaper on average R115 per kilo but the quality is not up to scratch (not in my eyes and taste buds anyway)  Apologies, I don’t know what the equivalent is in Dollars or Pounds

I have however discovered a butchery which has been in our area ‘forever’ with quality meat and lamb chops are R113 per kilo – bargain!!!   They were a touch tough but they tasted like lamb should taste.  The secret … Delft Butchery .. please don’t rush off and buy all the chops .. leave some for me 🙂 

Ooops .. lots and lots of words for a Wednesday !!!  For more Wordless Wednesday’s with less words go here and here

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  1. Lamb has become very expensive. Our local Checkers had half lambs for R49,95 / kg the other day but I’m sure they aren’t as good as your Woolies chops. In most places its cheaper to by venison than lamb or beef. Looking at the prices in the picture I do have to say that we can’t really complain.

    1. Yes I remember Kathy. It’s just so convenient at Woolies (one stop shopping!). Stopping at Delft means another stop … park car, out the car, in again, seat belts off and on, reverse … *sigh* !!

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