I’m back !!

I’m back !!

Hubby and I came back from our trip on Friday – what an amazing week we had !!    The Drakensberg was cool and rainy especially at Champagne Castle Hotel which is situated up against the mountains overlooking the vast Champagne Valley …

View from our room overlooking .. well um .. the magestic mountains of Cathkin Peak, Champagne Castle, and Monks Cowl are shrouded in cloud …

This was the highest peak we saw (between the self catering chalets) .. and that’s nothing like those magnificent mountains  !!

There were lots of hoppity bunnies hopping all over the place .. all escaped from the kiddies animal farm …. anybody would think it was Easter !!!

Two geese within a heart !!!! …   Clacking loudly at each other !!!  Love talk or argument .. we’ll never know 🙂  

Sunday – our anniversary – it was canopy tour time !!!!   Wow it was so much fun !!! 🙂 

I took my little camera tucked into my jacket and clamped onto my harness – the photos are not that good because most of them are taken with my left hand, unzipping the jacket, snapping away and then tucking it back in.  No larger cameras were allowed.

It was an amazing experience .. 12 zip lines criss crossing a deep gorge .. some short, some long – the longest in the southern hemisphere, 179 metres – and the highest in the southern hemisphere, 65 metres!!    Anybody can do it .. old/older people down to the very young.   I asked a dad and mum if I could take a photo of their 4 year old twins about to partake in their adventure !!!   Beaming from ear to ear and so keen to have their photo taken but I asked them to turn around for privacy purposes.  According to Tanda, our guide and instructor, the little ones are fearless and love it !!! 

Here comes hubby …. 🙂     The instructor and guide, Loverboy, was fantastic!   Both Tanda and Loverboy were marvellous with their safety procedures and instructions

After spending two nights in the Berg, we travelled about 700 kms to northern Kwa-Zulu Natal to the Leopard Mountain Game Lodge …

Another amazing experience!!!!  🙂   We very seldom visit game parks and reserves, sadly, so it may be ordinary for some but for us it was a wonderful experience (for want of a better word!) 

Spectacular view from swimming pool ..

Sunrise before going out on a game drive …

The lodge is one of several concessions within the 23 000ha Zululand Rhino Reserve, and has the Big Five roaming the bushveld, two of which we didn’t see … elephant and lion .. they were well-hidden, or had gone for a walk-about !!! 


White Rhino

Recent welcoming rains has brought new life to the reserve with lush green grass and lots of babies !!!! 


I had an encounter with a mommy warthog who sheltered her three piglets under the deck of our room!  They were about a week old – new piglets are kept well hidden in their burrows for the first few days of their lives and then the mommy takes them out and about.    I learnt a lot !!!   The rangers and guides were informative and knowledgeable … super young people!!     

Mommy warthog and her three babies

We went on early morning and late afternoon/evening game drives every day, a very interesting guided walk for about 3 hours (only the two of us plus two rangers), two visits to the hide .. the watering hole not tempting for thirsty creatures who find plenty of rain water in dips and ditches … so apart of catching a moment or two of shut eye, to share the terrapins habitat, there was a warthog who came to roll in the muddy water and a tortoise!!!! 

psst .. that’s me in blue shirt !!

Leopard Mountain Game Lodge is a piece of heaven .. you can be kept busy with game viewing and eating (which we seemed to do constantly and alternatively !) or completely relax on the hammock strung up on your private deck overlooking picture perfect African bushveld gently swaying while you read or snooze before the next cup of tea/coffee accompanied with yummy cakes before you head off on another game drive ..   

Between the two of us, we took many photographs.  Will find the better ones and/or more interesting ones to share in future posts … watch this space !!!  

Prezzie from hubby … a ruby and diamond eternity ring – isn’t it absolutely stunning !!    

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  1. An amazing trip. I have done the Canopy TOur in the Tsitsikamma, but would love to experience this one as well. The lodge looks awesome with great views and game views. I enjoy game walks cause you really get close to nature. As for the Drakensberg… *sigh*… You’re making me miss it, but this year we are off to the beautiful Cape.

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