Drakensberg Canopy Tour

Drakensberg Canopy Tour

More pics from the Canopy Tour :   I must add tho’ that the tour is video’d and available for purchase afterwards.  The videographer was useless !!   The video was ok although the quality is pretty poor.  Another CD was supposed to have 150 photos of which some should be of us, naturally.  We only got 45 pics of which there are 2 of me and a couple of hubby .. thank goodness I had my camera!! 

Before we were transported to the starting point of the tour we were given our harnesses, gear and safety instructions from Tanda 

 Each pulley’s number is written on the signed indemnity form – this was mine ..

With my little camera-tucked-snuggly-inside-my-jacket and whipped out every opportunity I had ..  on our way to the starting point – Drakensberg Sun Hotel in valley below..

The first zip line is very short .. a practice run !!

Incredible safety measures – one of which is that each persons two safety ropes are hooked up to steel wires at all times, even on the platforms .. just in case you fall off .. it’s a long way down !!!!

Trees are well protected from the ropes and wiring – this enormous yellow wood is called ‘Madiba’ …. it’s very old – 500 odd years old !!!!   The platform was 35 m above ground!!  


Moss grows right up the trunks of the towering trees ..

Loveboy (lead guide) hanging upside down !!!!!! 

The long fastest zipline is called the ‘Ferrari’ –  this one below is called the ‘Mini Cooper’ … it’s small (short) but fast !!!  …

Pile of harnesses  … I couldn’t wait to get mine off .. I was so hot!!!   We started in cloudy, cold, dripping with rain and ended in hot sunshine!!  Hubby and I had rain jackets on which of course we couldn’t take off whilst all hooked up in harnesses !

Our certificates to prove WE DID IT  !!  … and “lived to tell the tale”… it was AMAZING  !!!!

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