Hats off to the SPCA

Hats off to the SPCA

It involves my neighbour … again !!!   But kind-of indirectly ..

My neighbours, who I complained about a couple of months ago,  with the two large dogs locked up in the small back garden, are away on holiday and have left these two dogs with the full run of the garden.  Someone comes twice daily to feed them.

This morning … early … there was a raucous at the wall, on their side, with both dogs barking like mad.  It continued with no-one stopping them (at this stage we didn’t know the occupants were on holiday) so I went to investigate.  Peering over the wall I saw the two large dogs with a cat pinned down on the ground.  Poor little thing was covered in pooh and saliva.  The dogs were not attacking it but terrorising the helpless kitty.  We tried distracting the dogs with dog biscuits but they weren’t interested.  Hubby then phoned the emergency number for the SPCA as our local office was closed for the holidays.  The inspector was busy with a dog fight at a home where the occupants are also away on holiday!!  She said she would come as soon as she could, but she told hubby to spray the dogs with water to get them away and hope kitty could then make a dash for it.

Poor kitty was so traumatised that he just lay in heap and meowed woefully.  Eventually he managed to jump onto the top of wall with two large dogs hot on his heals.  But there he stayed, meowing, obviously too scared to move.  Hubby grabbed kitty, getting scratched in the process, then we noticed the small collar with his name and contact telephone number.   While I washed Felix in a tub of warm soapy water, hubby phoned the number.  The owner was at the coast on holiday.  Hubby told her the SPCA had been called.

Within half an hour the SPCA inspector arrived and I handed a now happier Felix to the very tired inspector who said they hadn’t had a moments rest in 24 hours!   They had been on the go non-stop rescuing ‘beloved’ pets, while the irresponsible owners are away on holiday.

Moments later another person, a male’s voice, phoned hubby saying he was on holiday in the North Coast while his other half was on holiday at the South Coast .. long story followed about their pending divorce .. kitty was given a new home through an ad in newspaper.  Felix’s tag still had this chappies contact number.   Maybe Felix doesn’t like his new home and wandered off …

Hopefully North-Coast-holiday-maker will contact the new owner to tell him that Felix is safe at the SPCA .  One more kitty to add to all the beloved pets which are handed over to the SPCA during holiday time when owners have fun on the beaches.

Hats off to the SPCA .. even though the inspector was a little weary, she was prompt and very pleasant 🙂

psst .. Jackie’s nose taken with my Christmas prezzie from hubby …. Canon 600D  🙂 🙂 🙂
I am thrilled 🙂  🙂  🙂

2 Replies to “Hats off to the SPCA”

  1. Poor kitty and poor pups being left on their own.
    If we go away we make sure someone stays in our house or that our dogs go to Karinga Kennels where they are pampered day and night.
    If people can afford to go away they should be able to afford to have their pets taken care of too.
    Well done for calling the SPCA and a big hug for the poor inspector!

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