Having fun in the pool

Having fun in the pool

The other day I had all three grandchildren at home.  Hot summer’s day .. very cloudy and about to rain.  We have to watch out for lightening as we are in a lightening belt, but I let them swim before the heavy clouds started blowing our way.   We have taken the pool net off .. but with very stricked rules.  They are big enough to understand the rules.  But I will see how we go on this one .. if rules get broken .. on goes the net.    Which will be a shame for us .. I am loving the pool again!!!   It was always such a hassle taking off and putting back on the net hence it was hardly ever off 🙁

Connor is learning to swim without the arm bands .. yay !!  Progress !!!    He always starts with them on and then takes them off  “to practice swimming normally”.  He will soon not need them at all.   Just needs the confidence in deeper water ..

Erin on the other hand, doesn’t have the opportunity to swim often … she will take hers off when she’s ready  … she had fun spinning and singing !! 🙂

As you can see, we have a natural looking pool, it’s not painted blue, but the water is crystal clear  🙂

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