Apple pie and a birthday !

Apple pie and a birthday !

It was Bryan’s birthday yesterday … Happy Birthday Bryan !

Elaine was determined to make an apple pie with clotted cream for tea.   She made the apple pie .. her first attempt with a brilliant result  … oh clever girl 🙂

… the clotted cream didn’t work out with the recipe given to her by a coffee shop owner and there was nowhere in Johannesburg that sold clotted cream.  The only place she could find that sold it, was in Robertson in the Cape !!!!   No good .. too, too far !!

Fresh cream has worked for centuries with apple pie .. and it worked here too 🙂

Don’t you love the tea cosy ? … a Christmas gift from hubby and I

The Birthday Boy …

Happiness is …. getting new home stuff  for a birthday !!!!

Whoooo hooo … a coffee grinder !!!

I had the 50mm lens on camera … I love it !

As for the note on blackboard heart … I didn’t ask !!!  🙂   🙂   🙂


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