My calendar for 2012

My calendar for 2012

I am thrilled 🙂    Jeanette has had a calendar printed for us (as she did last year) with stunning photos of the grandchildren …

This is January … our family photo from the 1st January, 2011

… and these is just some of the beautiful photos from each month … (all taken during the course of last year)   …

LOVE IT   🙂  🙂  🙂    just love it  !!

Thank you, my girl mwah xxx

‘a note here .. can’t believe those baggy pants I’m wearing – can’t fit into them now sadly .. that’s how much weight I’ve put on 🙁  it’s a mystery why I’ve put it on – maybe it’s an age thing – but I shall endeavour to take it all off again !)  ‘

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