Rain this afternoon ..

Rain this afternoon ..

Having had quite a storm this afternoon, the sky is still dark and gloomy which reminded me of the rainy morning we had at Leopard Mountain (forgive me for always going back to this game lodge, but I took many photos ūüôā¬† )¬†¬†¬† The rain also reminded me of the¬†drenching day we had in Knysna/Plettenberg¬†Bay during our holiday¬†in May last year. Here again, many photos taken and¬†not¬†blogged ūüôĀ¬†¬† Maybe on another rainy day I shall share those!

Stopped, during the game drive, for a¬†welcome mug of coffee.¬†¬† We watched the rain coming from yonder hills …

Umm .. doesn’t look wet, but we were soaking!¬†¬† Rain drops were dripping from our chins and¬†caps/hats!
Hubby watching the Impala


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