She’s slimming down ..

She’s slimming down ..

… just a tad !!!   Jackie’s harness is quite loose around her tummy …

 … and report back on me ?? …. no change … sadly  🙂  🙂    For now anyway – surely I should lose some wobbly bits soon!!    I am enjoying the Wednesday’s zen-pilates class at the gym – great toning!!   It’s getting popular too – in the beginning there was a handful of us – now the class is full!   Leni, the instructor,  is like a compact well-toned machine!!

I know Firefly would know what kind of spider lives here!   There’s plenty to eat in the veld at the moment – as we walk along the morning dewy grass millions of whizzicks*  fly about   (*tiny flying insects!)

No more veld (greenbelt) photos for a while (unless I see something interesting, of course!!!!)   Promise !!!      
…..    so here’s a rose  … or two  … or three … and a bumblee all under this morning’s sunshine !!   

7 Replies to “She’s slimming down ..”

  1. You take such beautiful photos that I don’t mind seeing veld shots….keep shooting and know Im loving seeing what you post.
    Photography is such an amazing past time.

  2. Those roses are so pretty, and the photos are so clear I can almost smell them! I enjoyed your veld pictures, I think there will always be something interesting there, no? Good luck on the slimming down project. I have lost almost 8 kilos now, I can fit into my “skinniest” jeans! You will get there too, I know you will!

  3. LOL – I battled to see that bumblebee! I had to look a couple of times! Your photo’s are getting better and better – like daughter, like mother – something like that! 🙂 Well done!

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