Lavender blues ..

Lavender blues ..

I am so excited to see fields of lavender in France when hubby and I go on holiday in July  !!!  According to the Lonely Planet’s ‘France’  book, July is time for lavender …

While in Paris – we have two extra days there – I would love to visit a perfumery.  Not one is mentioned in the book.  I bought Lonely Planet ‘Paris’ this morning but at a quick glance there aren’t any mentioned either.  Jeanette and Lance visited Paris quite a few years ago and visited Fragonard as part of a tour, finding the experience very interesting.   Does anyone know of any perfumeries open to the public/tourists?


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  1. Man oh man these photos are amazing, well done and thanks so much for sharing.
    Come pop around and visit me for a few days when you this side of the world!

    1. Thanks Marcelle – I am having fun with the camera!!!
      Would love … love …. love to pop in but we are limited with time sadly. We are doing a Trafalgar tour around France and then spending an extra two days in Paris to see as much as we can.

    1. Thanks my girl. All look so interesting but the Fragonard one is probably the best, time-wise, and it’s free ! So much to see elsewhere too. Would love to do a workshop though – next time 🙂 !! Guerlain looks amazing .. imagine a spa treatment there!!!!

  2. The lavender pics are so beautiful and I am still (and will keep on to be) jealous about your trip. You are so going to enjoy it and you better come back and show us lots of pictures.

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