More prezzies ..

More prezzies ..

Lucky me 🙂  Elaine and Bryan cooked (well,  Bryan cooked!!) a most delicious goulash last night and my prezzie is just what we need for our July/France holiday … ‘A Hedonists guide to Paris’  .. a fascinating book the concept of which is ” designed to appeal to quirky, urbane and the incredibly stylish traveller.”    🙂  🙂

The book was wrapped in a gorgeous scarf …

It has places of interest with a map for each one or area and categories for places to ‘sleep – eat – drink – snack – party – culture – shop – and play ‘  with addresses, opening/closing times, prices/rates (at the time of printing of course)

We must find this place …

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  1. You are so going to be well prepared by the time you leave on the plane. I’m sure you now have all the info to plan where exactly you want to go while there.

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