Good morning all !!

Good morning all !!

A beautiful morning … a walk in the veld …  blue sky scattered with a few clouds … happy dog …

Huge old indigenous tree fallen down since my last walk.  The grass cutters cut around it 🙂

What would a walk in the veld be without a pic of the grasses .. this one I remember as a child.  We used to pull of the ‘flowers’, which then looks like a fluffy arrow .. very sharp at the tip.  We used to throw them at each, the sharp point piercing the skin !!!  (I grew up with only boys – brothers and boy cousins !)

Now to make another birthday cake … it’s Connor’s “real birthday ” today .. he turns 5 years old !!!   He wants another Star Wars cake !!   Nope .. not making one 🙂   He’s grown into a beautiful boy … full of character, smiles and naughtiness 🙂   Love him to bits !

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