Connor’s “real birthday”

Connor’s “real birthday”

That was on Thursday 16th, and of course I had to make another cake … to have when we all got home from the rained-out cricket match

Voila … cake made and iced … ready !!        Note to self :  don’t ever used double yoked eggs (two plopped into the cake mixture, which meant I had 5 egg yolks and 3 whites!)  Prevented cake from rising.  Turned out like a brownie .. rather yummy … but not my usual ‘granny-speciality-choccie-birthday-cake!)  2nd note to self : try doing it again with 5 yolks/3 whites and add broken cookies/choc chips/nuts or all – could be nice!  Anyway … there’s the result below …

Wrap prezzie …  (skateboard – not for the road – for the garden ONLY! )

..prezzie ready …

Cricket over … opening prezzie time … he looks a little confused ‘reading’ the card !   Not so confusing as it looks, as I drew pictures on the one side and he was ‘working them out’ !

Papa cutting the strapping around the wheels …

“I love my new skateboard .. ”

“Testing my new kicking board for the swimming pool from ‘Lainey and Bryan ..”

Cutting his own piece of cake …

Big hug for mommy ..  

Happy 5th Birthday Connor – can hardly believe you’re five years old already !!!!!!!     We love you lots .. and lots  xxx mwah xxx


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