“The last one in the family”

“The last one in the family”

That’s what Connor said the other day about our dear friend, Ray, who has been staying with us this past week while winding up his affairs before settling in the Cape.  He and Carol went down two weeks ago with their dogs – Carol stayed, while Ray flew back.  With all their affairs sorted, he left early this morning.   I suppose Connor didn’t know where he fitted in to our family scenario …. obviously in his mind all staying-over visitors are family as they usually are 🙂   I asked him what he meant by ‘the last one’  –  his reply .. “because he’s the last one here”  (who’s arrived/come !)   Makes sense 🙂

With all their affairs in Gauteng sorted, he left on his motorbike early this morning.   Yesterday he was synchronizing Blackberry to GPS to helmet … just had to sneak in a photo through the blinds!!!   He has no idea I took these photos  🙂  🙂

Safe ride, Ray …. au revoir          See you both in the Cape .. soon !

xxxx    mwah    xxxx

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  1. You had fun with that camera, didn’t you? This post made me smile because only yesterday I took similar photos of my hubby’s new car! Great minds think alike eh?

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