Meet the Gems

Meet the Gems

Remember my previous post a few weeks ago about baby gem squash growing in my garden ..

Since then we’ve eaten some of them, picked whilst still about 5cm in length.  Under the foliage, the other day, I spotted a much larger one – the normal size of a gem squash .. so exciting !!!

Meet Jemima Gem – her yellow face faded to green after a few days …

She had pride of place in my dining room for a few days but D-Day to eat her was yesterday.  Was outside with Connor choosing a couple of small ones to add to our meal when we spotted another large one under the foliage … Jeremy Gem – so called by Bradley !!

Now we had a family of Gems …. Jeremy Gem, Jemima Gem and little Gemma Gem !! 🙂

 Life with her family was all too short and Jemima got the chop last night …

…. revealing her inner soul …

… her very core !!!!   🙁

Poor Jemima 🙁   her time had come.   I cook my squash this way:   Scoop out the centre with a teaspoon and return the pips and pulp to the cavity, boil in a little lightly salted water until just tender …

To serve .. discard pips and pulp and add a small dollop of butter ..  That’s how I serve them.   Some people add grated cheese or fill the cavity with peas then top with grated cheese.   Homegrown gems need nothing added … eat just as they are .. yummmm !!

Hubby and I both agreed … it was delicious !!!   Just like gem squash tasted like when we were growing up !!    To eat (for blog friends overseas)  : scoop out of hard skin.  Baby gems are soft all round .. you can eat the whole thing – skin and pips

Watch out Jeremy Gem .. you’re next 🙂

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