Grandparents Concert

Grandparents Concert

Connor’s Pre-primary school holds a Grandparents Concert every year to which the grandparents of the littlies are invited to attend and join the teachers for teas and eats afterwards.    This year’s concert was held on Friday morning and my hubby came with me for the first time (he’s usually at work)

Only the Grade 000′ s   and 00′ s  participate.   I realised afterwards that it was the last time we’ll be at this very special event as Connor goes into Grade 0 next year 🙁   I’ve been to Bradley’s  … and now Connor’s …  each concert the littlies have sung different songs with enthusiasm 🙂     Two teachers guide them through all the songs and actions …

The Principal said with pride, that the Grandparents concerts are thoroughly enjoyed by the littlies and grandparents alike as there are no props, costumes or dubbed music.  It’s just children … songs … and actions …

Connor had a ball !!!  He sang his little heart out 🙂  ….

Afterwards tea/coffee and eats were served in the quadrangle …

… while the kiddies were given chips and juice in their classrooms …

I am greeted with a huge hug from each of these two little girls every single day, when I collect Connor from his class at lunchtime.  They’re both very sweet …

Each Granny and Grandpa were given a magnet-backed painting done by their grandchild (both ours are on the fridge) … this one is for my hubby (they’re so very similar but this one has a man’s smiley mouth – according to Connor 🙂  )

Body of the cow is their handprint … clever!

They’re both proudly displayed on the fridge …   cute, hey?  🙂

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  1. Occations like these should never be missed and are very very special. I had such a laugh at the first picture. You taking a picture of hubby watching the show and all the people around his are posing and smiling.

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