Erin turned 5 today!

Erin turned 5 today!

Not only was it Easter Sunday, but we also celebrated Erin’s 5th Birthday, with our family.  5 years ago today, the Easter Bunny delivered a gorgeous bundle of a baby girl as well as Easter Eggs!!!!!  ( Nicole went into labour during lunch 5 years ago and Erin was born a few hours later!!)

Occupied as I was in the kitchen today, that I didn’t see the children hunt and gather Easter Eggs in the garden 🙁   .. no pics sadly, only baby bunnies and choccie eggs displayed in my inherited silver bowl (my granny’s).  Jeanette didn’t take photos either .. so no paparazzi followed the kiddies this year – they hunted and gathered in peace  !!!!

Prezzie from hubby and I ready for the birthday girl ..

… and a ‘Granny Speciality’ cake, made and decorated with love …

For lunch we had a roast beef cooked on the Weber, accompanied with roast potatoes and salad …

Birthday secrets between cousins ..

Not sure what was going on here ! 🙂

Connor surprised Erin with an unexpected hug …  Cute hey?

The wind picked up so we went indoors for Erin to blow out her candles ..

Happy Birthday Erin !!!!! !!!!   !!!!    Granny and Grandpa love you lots xxx xxx

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