Wordless Wednesday :

Wordless Wednesday :

Few words are necessary :  Again in Loerie Park, as was our walk last week, but this time hubby came with us yesterday evening.  It’s about 2 kms from our house – uphill – too much for Jackie to walk, I think – she’s getting to be an ‘old girl ‘!

Extra note here :  when Jeanette and Carl were little we rented a house backing onto this park which was much much larger than it is today, and used to also stroll through it, as well as a herd of cattle!!   It wasn’t a park in those days, it was open land.

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  1. The last paragraph is actually a sad one. In another thirty or forty years they would probably have developed this space as well. What is happening to our open spaces? Very few seem to care or utilise them like you do.

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